ArcelorMittal tops PUDS ranking, Konsorcjum Stali closes gap

ArcelorMittal Distribution Solutions Polska retained first place in the Polish Union of Steel Distributors (PUDS) ranking of top-performing Polish steel distributors in 2020, Kallanish notes.

The firm sold 1.21 million tonnes of steel, down 17% as Covid-19 hit the market. It also came top in revenue terms with PLN 3.12 billion ($819.6 million), down 12%, but did not provide profit data.

Konsorcjum Stali came second in tonnage terms with 751,000t, up 10% despite last year’s difficult conditions. It also came second in net profit terms, with PLN 48.1m, up 172%, and third in revenue with PLN 1.7 billion, flat on-year.

Bowim was third-largest distributor and the largest listed one in tonnage terms, shipping 510,000t, level on 2019. It was fifth in revenue terms with PLN 1.2 billion, down 8%, and seventh in profit terms, up from tenth a year earlier, with PLN 17.5m, a more than five-fold increase.

Other notable mentions include Grupa Pruszynski, which had the second-largest revenue of PLN 1.73 billion, slightly down on-year, and was first in net profit terms with PLN 108.5m, up 61%. It was fifth in tonnage terms with 290,000t, down slightly on-year.

Gonvarri Polska and Blachprofil 2 were fourth and fifth respectively in profit terms.

New entrant Liberty Commercial came sixth in terms of tonnage with 289,000t, seventh in revenue with PLN 582.2m and ninth in profit with PLN 7.1m.

Adam Smith Germany