Arvedi shredder scrap plant starts operation in Cremona

Electric arc furnace-based steel producer Acciaieria Arvedi in Cremona, Italy, has commissioned a new scrap processing plant, the company said Sept. 12.

The new scrap plant will process almost 1 million mt/year of light-medium iron grades of scrap and sheared light demolition scrap, while cutting Acciaieria Arvedi’s carbon footprint and ensuring up to 20% lower electrical power consumption compared with traditional systems.

The scrap plant automatically detects scrap pieces that cannot be shredded. A ferrous downstream line separates steel from nonferrous material, enabling cleanness levels close to 100%.

An offline nonferrous separation line also allows recovery of grades zorba and zurik for resale. Zorba is predominately shredded aluminium, which may also contain soft lead, zinc, stainless steel, iron, brass, copper or nickel. Like heavies, zurik is a mixture of metals.

Domestic ferrous scrap prices in Europe rose for the first time since April, as increased demand for containerized shredded scrap in other regions drove prices of shredded scrap domestically. Platts, part of S&P Global Commodity Insights, assessed Southern European shredded scrap at Eur345/mt delivered to the mill Sept. 11, up Eur5/mt on the month. Platts assessed domestic shredded scrap in Northern Europe at Eur347.50/mt delivered to the mill Sept. 11, up Eur27.50/mt from Aug. 10.

Author Annalisa Villa