Assofermet asks EU to suspend coil anti-dumping duties

Italian distributors’ association Assofermet has asked the European Commission to recognise the coil supply/demand imbalance in Italy and adopt the same suspension of anti-dumping duties as implemented for aluminium flat-rolled products originating from China.

“Assofermet hopes that the recognition of the current market situation in the aluminium sector may also find confirmation in the case of the EU safeguard on steel imports, in the general interest of the Union and of the companies in the downstream supply chain, distribution, transformation and end-users, to fairly balance the economic interests at stake between the parties involved in the entire supply chain,” the association says in a note sent to Kallanish.

On 8 October, the Commission suspended duties on flat-rolled aluminium from China for nine months. According to the association, the decision does not represent a dangerous precedent for other trade defence cases, as maintained by European aluminium producers. It proves simply that a change of position may happen in “certain situations of recognised extraordinary nature” such as the current steel market situation of strong demand, short supply and extremely high prices.

Assofermet also formally lodged with Italian authorities a request for a review of the EU safeguard system. The association noted that the request was well received by Italian economic development minister Giancarlo Giorgetti. The minister reiterated last week during the Made in Steel show in Milan that the safeguard system no longer works properly and needs revision (see Kallanish 7 October).

Natalia Capra France