Benteler resumes pipe production after preliminary pause

Following a break of one week, Benteler will continue with the production of pipes this week, Kallanish learns from the German company with headquarters in Austria.

Benteler achieves some 85% of its revenues from automotive activities which are not pipe-based. These were discontinued completely in March, along with the shutdown by carmakers. In early May, the company gradually restarted production at its automotive plants, which it operates in Europe, China, and the Americas.

Its pipe plants, located in Germany, Switzerland and the USA, mainly feed industries lsuch as mechanical engineering and energy, where a sudden halt in production did not occur. However, output at the pipe plants has paused temporarily for a week twice so far. This is to take a breather and collect incoming orders, a spokesperson explains. Going forward, more such week-long stops could occur, depending on how the economy develops.

The group relocated its administrative headquarters from Paderborn in North Rhine Westphalia to Salzburg in Austria ten years ago, presumably because of lower taxes in the neighbouring country. According to press reports this week, this move could now make it harder for Benteler to receive financial aid granted by the German state to support companies in the coronavirus crisis.