Bilstein introduces electromagnetic strip for automotive applications

Following the installation of its new wide strip mill, Germany’s Bilstein Group has launched a product family of flat products with electromagnetic properties.

The German cold-rolling company reportedly invested some €50 million ($56m) at its Hagen main site for a new CR mill for widths up to 1,350mm, which started operation in October (see Kallanish passim). The company subsequently has launched three proprietary product lines with electromagnetic properties which it says can be adjusted to customers’ individual requirements.

Electromagnetic components and actuators are increasingly in demand on the market, especially as the trend towards electric mobility continues to gather momentum, the company notes. The fields of application for its new product groups range from magnetic pressure valves for automatic transmissions in hybrid cars to magnetic relays in electrically operated trains, Bilstein explains.

The products are manufactured in such a way that annealing is not required. They are weldable and suitable for wet and powder coatings, as well as electrolytically applied metallic coatings.

As part of the new rolling mill, German plant logistics technology supplier Vollert has installed a cantilever high bay warehouse with storage and retrieval equipment, including the rails and safety fences of the fully automated area.  For direct access, the coils are stored hanging from cantilevers.

Bilstein Group makes 600,000 tonnes/year of CR strip with 1,500 employees at plants in several countries, and achieves annual revenues of €650m.