British Steel offers new weathering steel sections

British Steel has started offering weathering steel structural sections for the construction market. The steel is produced at its Scunthorpe works and then rolled into sections at its Teesside Beam Mill.

The steelmaker says weathering steel, thanks to its durability, is ideal for outdoor structures in exposed locations, including bridges, buildings and catenary gantries on railway lines. The steel’s corrosion rate is low, meaning structures fabricated from unpainted weathering steel can achieve long lifespans – in some cases up to 120 years – with minimal maintenance.

“It is a high-strength, low alloy steel that defends itself from corrosion by forming a protective oxide patina (layer), eliminating the need for paint or other protective coatings. This makes weathering steel an attractive and economic solution for many structures,” British Steel commercial director Ben Cunliffe says in a note seen by Kallanish.

Last December the steelmaker started offering high-strength structural steel for construction made from the new S460M grade (see Kallanish passim). Earlier this year the firm said it had earmarked £100 million ($139m) for investment in 2021. Among other things, it will build a new billet caster and a scrap pre-heating facility. Xijun Cao became British Steel president in April.

Adam Smith Germany