Committed association work promotes digitalisation and strengthens the steel industry

In order to advance the digitalisation of the steel industry on a broad front, it is becoming increasingly necessary to break new ground together. Close cooperation with the excellently organised industry associations in Europe is an important step towards mastering the diverse current challenges. The regular open exchange of technical knowledge and practical know-how strengthens all companies, consolidates good relations at international level and secures the future of steel as a sustainable material.

Rising electricity costs, interrupted supply chains, lack of raw materials and a noticeable shortage of skilled workers are current problems that are not only weighing heavily on the steel industry. In addition, demands from politicians for C02 neutrality, e-mobility, sustainable construction and compliance with energy efficiency standards are increasing the pressure on companies. Difficulties in the supply of raw materials in particular have shown the importance of good international relations for German companies. Looking beyond one’s own nose is essential for survival.

Organisations such as EUROMETAL at European level, the Bundesverband Deutscher Stahlhandel BDS AG in Germany, the Swiss Steel and Building Technology Trade Association SSHV, ARGE-SMD in Austria or UAHE in Spain are working with great commitment to give steel the recognition it deserves on the basis of its properties. KALTENBACH.SOLUTIONS actively supports these and other associations and openly shares its own expertise in the field of IoT and AI-based performance management for the steel market with the industry. Numerous presentations at international congresses and free online workshops present new perspectives and digital solutions to decision-makers and implementers. The focus is on concrete costs and measurable benefits. Together, the aim is to strengthen companies and promote communication across national borders.

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