Danieli remains positive over technology demand

Italian equipment supplier Danieli says its plant-making division is set to continue benefitting from increasing demand for technologically-advanced and greener plants.

The company is currently seeing a good order intake, Kallanish notes, but believes the trend will “strengthen even further”.

“In the plant-making segment the demand for digitalised, high-tech plants for the production of steel and aluminium with competitive OpEx, enhanced quality and flexibility, which are environment-friendly, is contributing to the good order intake for Danieli’s plant-making division,” the company notes.

After the Covid-19 crisis, Danieli believes that actions to mitigate carbon emissions and cut greenhouse emissions will accelerate in the EU, US and China.

“The now possible combination of direct reduction plants that use gas and hydrogen as an iron ore reducing agent together with digital, high-efficiency electric arc furnaces fed with renewable energy and rolling mills with induction heating furnaces leads, basically speaking, to green steel production with zero environmental impact without GHG emissions, thus reducing the average generated CO2 volumes from 1,800kg to 300-400kg per tonne of steel produced,” Danieli adds.

Danieli’s plant-making segment in 2020 saw revenue drop 13% year-on-year to €925 million ($1.1 billion). Despite the turnover drop, operating income increased 118% to €53.3m. Meanwhile, the steelmaking segment saw revenue increase 9% to €352.8m.

Emanuele Norsa Italy