Digital solution increases performance in the manxa FERROS warehouse

The Manxa Group is the leading steel trader in southeastern Spain and a specialist in steel beams, profiles and sheet metal. By using the “Steelsuite” industry platform from Kaltenbach.Solutions GmbH, the company is now planning a sustainable increase in performance in its central warehouse.

In July, Kaltenbach.Solutions launched a digitalization project at the Spanish Manxa Group near Barcelona. Together, they want to introduce data-based performance management in the central warehouse of manxa FERROS. First, an initial workshop was held with the managers to clarify their expectations and determine the customization needs of the digital solution. Topics such as the scope of the existing machinery, the optimal fit of machine selection, work area and batch size to the order structure, the intralogistics on the store floor and the actual activity profiles of the workers were discussed.

Afterwards, six “BoosterBOXes” were put into operation to measure the performance of the machines and systems. The recorded data is clearly visualized on the digital industry platform “Steelsuite” from Kaltenbach.Solutions. This gives employees access to all relevant information via handheld at any time. Based on the AI-supported analysis, fact-based decisions can be derived in the next step, which should lead to an optimization of processes and workplace-related procedures. In the medium term, the Manxa Group is aiming for a sustainable increase in performance in the warehouse.