Digitization course continues at Carl Spaeter   

Breisach, February 28, 2022 

Following the already implemented project for the introduction of digital equipment management, Carl  Spaeter is now also using the solutions of Kaltenbach.Solutions GmbH at the Karlsruhe site to  sustainably increase performance in preprocessing. A project team began in February to record the  performance of machines on sawing, drilling and blasting lines using the digital measuring device  “BoosterBOX”. Based on the precise measurements during operation, optimal decisions for more  efficient preprocessing can be derived.  

The digitization strategy of the Carl Spaeter Group is being consistently driven forward in numerous  projects. Together with Kaltenbach.Solutions, the company implemented, among other things, the  introduction of a uniform and fully digital equipment management system for 15 organizational units  at 19 locations in the fourth quarter of 2021. In addition to 200 crane systems and over 1,000 other  pieces of equipment, the operating resources included also include around 150 machines in pre processing. The next step will be to significantly improve performance in preprocessing with the help  of Industrie 4.0 digital tools. Through stable further development of the performance of the sawing,  drilling and blasting systems in pre-processing, the aim is to increase pre-processing volumes and  shorten delivery times to customers at the Karlsruhe location, among other things. By consistently  increasing the efficiency of all processes, Carl Spaeter is working to further consolidate its position  as market leader in steel trading in southwestern Germany.  

After good experiences in a similar project in Hamburg, Kaltenbach.Solutions was chosen as an  implementation partner for other sites as well, including Carl Spaeter Südwest GmbH, Karlsruhe. A  project team led by Sebastian Engel (Commercial Manager) and Jahn Senger (Operations Manager) is  now using so-called “BoosterBOXes” on the machines in the preprocessing department for eight  weeks. In five workshops, the measured data is analyzed and suitable options for action are  developed. On this objective basis, suitable decisions can be made to achieve an increase in machine  performance of at least 30%.

The project team at Carl Spaeter in Karlsruhe: far right Sebastian Engel (Commercial Manager), third  from right Jahn Senger (Operations Manager), second from left Valentin Kaltenbach  (Kaltenbach.Solutions) 

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