Dillinger, SMS step up digitalisation of processes

Platemaker Dillinger Hüttenwerke and plantbuilder SMS group have announced a cooperative agreement to optimise blast furnace operation by modelling and digitalising logistics processes, Kallanish learns.

The cooperation covers raw material tracking based on SMS group’s BFXpert software, which include three digital models that accurately track the bulk materials along the burdening-to-blast furnace process chain, SMS says.

According to the plantbuilder, digital mapping of material conveyance through the material feed models enables predictive problem analysis and monitoring of digital values. As a result, Dillinger is able to manage the hoppers with low staffing levels and produce 10,000 tonnes of hot metal every day. Similarly, load peaks can be reduced by utilising load-optimised belt feeding, and the transport of spherical goods on conveyors is enhanced by preventing unwanted discharges from inclined conveyors.

The hopper model delivers a real-time calculation of the material distribution, the partners explain. Dillinger’s technology officer, Peter Maagh, highlights the system’s ability to adapt quickly to changes in feedstock qualities. “Their implementation has led to more efficient logistical planning with regard to the input and circulated material, as well as improved maintenance practices,” he says.

Christian Koehl Germany