Dillinger supplies plate to Dutch wind park

Last week saw the official completion of sections II and IV of offshore windfarm Borssele located about 22km off the coast of Zeeland province, the Netherlands. Construction involved MHI Vestas and Sif, with plate supplied by Dillinger, Kallanish learns from the German steelmaker.

The operator consortium is Blauwwind, which consist of Shell, Eneco, Van Oord and Mitsubishi subsidiary Diamond Generating Europe.

Dillinger supplied around 70,000 tonnes of thermos-mechanically rolled heavy plate for the monopile foundation structures, with plate thicknesses ranging from 12.7-88mm. Some of the slab reached record weights of more than 42 tonnes, Dillinger notes.

The 77 wind turbines of Borssele III and IV have a capacity of 730MW and will supply approximately 825,000 Dutch households per year with environmentally friendly electricity, the operators say. The four sections of Borssele form a 122km² wind farm zone. With a total capacity of around 1.4GW, it is the largest wind farm zone in the Netherlands to date.