Dutch service centre Hebels add multi-purpose cutting line

Hebels Steel Service in Oosterhout is expecting the arrival this week of a cutting line for coil in thicknesses up to 10mm, Kallanish learns from the Dutch company.

Hebels describes it as “a monster of a machine” with a length of 70 metres and a total weight of around 600 tonnes. Cement lorries have been driving back and forth in recent months to pour a gigantic foundation, Hebels notes.

The line is considered something like a hybrid because it is able to cut cold as well as hot rolled coil, pickled as well as untreated material. This is unusual because the scale of unpickled material leaves dirt on the machinery. 

The line, built by German engineering company Georg, features extra self-cleaning equipment for this purpose. It handles coils of up to 34t with a width of 2,000mm, to cut sheet lengths of up to 8 metres.

The device is a transfer from German service centre Knappstein in Lennestadt, a unit of Carl Spaeter group, where it was installed since 2012. The erection at Oosterhout will take until July, Hebels says. The SSC has been supplying products to the Dutch, Belgian and German steel processing industry since 2004. “Because growing is all about foresight, the management sees plenty of opportunities and is now making an investment of millions to help the company move forward,” it says.

Christian Koehl Germany