EC confirms duties on Chinese steel wheels

The European Commission has confirmed the imposition of definitive anti-dumping duties on imports of Chinese steel wheels as well as the collection of previously imposed temporary measures.

The investigation was started in February 2019 following a complaint from the Association of European Wheel Manufacturers, EUWA. In October preliminary duties were imposed.

The definitive duties, in place for a period of five years, will range from 50.3% to 66.4%, depending on the supplier, Kallanish notes.

During the investigation, “…an importer claimed that measures would have devastating effects on its business.” In the absence of any evidence, nevertheless, the EC “…could not conclude that the alleged negative effects would surpass the need for measures that restore a level playing field.” The Commission adds: “The investigation had shown that there was sufficient supply of the product concerned from other sources so as to retain adequate supply at fair market prices.”