EC may marginally reduce AD on Turkish HRC

The European Commission is expected to officially confirm definitive anti-dumping measures on Turkish HRC, Kallanish learns from the latest disclosure document sent by the EC.

In January provisional measures were imposed at a level of 4.8-7.6% depending on the Turkish supplier. Now definitive measures are expected to be confirmed at a level only marginally lower: 4.7-7.3% depending on the supplier.

The investigation was launched in May 2020 following formal requests by Eurofer, the European steelmakers association.

Definitive measures are not expected to change significantly the trade flow of HRC from Turkey to Europe. Most market observers are still waiting nevertheless for more clarity on the possibility that safeguard measures on steel imports could be extended beyond their June 2021 expiry.

Interested parties are still able to comment on the AD HRC disclosure document issued by the European Commission, but significant changes to the proposed measures are not expected to be implemented, Kallanish understands.

Emanuele Norsa Italy