EC puts AD duties of up to 19.2% on imports of Chinese steel wind towers

The European Commission has published a regulation imposing definitive anti-dumping duties on imports of steel wind towers from China, with duties ranging from 7.2% to 19.2%, the EC said Dec. 16.

The investigation has confirmed that imports of steel wind towers from China, at an annual value of Eur300 million ($339.60 million), were taking place at dumped prices, causing economic damage to EU producers, the EC said in a statement. The investigation covered Chinese state-owned, partly state-owned and privately-owned steel wind tower manufacturers.

Steel wind towers are an important component of wind turbines, which are essential for wind energy production and for the transition to green energy.

“The imposition of anti-dumping duties will ensure fair competitive conditions for sales of steel wind towers in the EU market,” the EC said. “It will allow wind turbine manufacturers in the EU and their wind projects to be able to choose from both EU manufactured and imported steel wind towers at competitive and fair prices. These anti-dumping measures will also help protect the steel value chain and over 3,600 direct jobs in the EU.”

Steel wind towers production is estimated to have an annual market value in the EU of around Eur1 billion. The EU also exports manufactured steel wind towers.

The EC initiated an AD investigation into imports of certain steel wind towers from China on Oct. 21, 2020, following a complaint lodged Sept. 9, 2020, by the European Wind Tower Association on behalf of the EU steel wind towers industry, including producers which were allegedly suffering material injury due to dumping.

— Diana Kinch