EU demand boosts Turkish pipe exports in September

Turkish welded pipe exports increased 27.5% on-year to 219,788 tonnes in September, according to Turkish Statistical Institute (TUIK) data monitored by Kallanish. This was also up from 139,328t in August. Their average value, however, dropped to $630/tonne from $695/t in September 2019 and $637/t in August 2020.

The most-exported product was rectangular hollow sections whose shipments increased 48% on-year to 118,803t. Romania was the largest destination with more than trebled intake on-year at 41,085t. Iraq sourced 18,545t, up 31.5% on-year. The UK took 16,705t in September, up 22% on-year, and Belgium sourced 7,909t, up 35.5%.

Georgia sourced 4,243t, down -8.4%, and Israel sourced 3,276t, up 42.6% on-year. The Netherlands took 3,220t and Spain took 2,678t, up 0.6% and 29.2% respectively. Yemen sourced 2,476t in September versus zero last year. Germany’s intake increased from 1,325t last year to 2,171t in September.

Exports of welded tube under 406.4mm diameter meanwhile increased 23.2% on-year to 63,086t in September. Romania was again the largest destination, with more than doubled intake at 12,730t. The UK took 5,795t, down -4.3%. Italy’s intake was more or less flat at 3,788t. Belgium almost doubled its intake to 3,768t. Iraq more than doubled its intake to 3,465t.

Germany took 3,382t, down -4.2% on-year. Greece sourced 2,818t in September, up 84.4%. Israel took 2,727t, down -6.2%, and Poland sourced 2,222t versus 1,975t last year. Algeria, which sourced almost zero last year, took 2,139t in September.

In January-September, Turkish welded pipe exports increased 4.3% on-year to 1,314,535t. Rectangular hollow sections had the largest share in welded pipe exports with 602,116t.