EU exhausts fourth-quarter Turkish rebar, rod quotas

EU fourth-quarter safeguard quotas for Turkish rebar and wire rod have already been fully used, Kallanish notes from the official system of the European Commission.

These particular quotas are permanently under pressure and are usually exhausted in the very first days of any given quarter. Any further imports of these products from Turkey cleared before the end of the current year would need to pay the safeguard duty of 25%.

Turkey was allocated tax-free quotas in Q4 of around 62,000 tonnes for rebar and 80,000t for wire rod. 

Imports from other origins can still be concluded as quotas remain available; nevertheless, Russian quotas for both products have also been used extensively. Russia’s 83,000t wire rod quota has been used by some 90% and the 60,000t rebar quota by some 50%, Kallanish notes.

Emanuele Norsa Italy