EU imports largest China-origin steel tonnage since 2016

China-origin HS chapter 72 iron and steel imports into the EU increased 8% on-year in 2023 to 3.77 million tonnes, the highest tonnage since 2016, according to Eurostat data.

Intake of slab from China surged 70% last year to 624,051 tonnes (see separate story). Imports from China of HS code 7214 bar jumped 84% to 450,227t, of which rebar comprised 131,225t. Intake of carbon steel wire rose 26% to 187,924t, whereas imports of alloy steel wire surged 96% to 145,022t, Kallanish notes.

Imports of HS code 7210 coated flat steel remained the largest category, but at 1.01mt they were down 1% versus 2022. Tinplate accounted for 527,913t, while hot-dip galvanized coil intake was 436,019t.

Intake of HS code 7225 other alloy flat steel, including some electrical steel, was down 20% to 296,178t, while imports of HS code 7228 other alloy bars and rods were flat at 535,192t.

The main EU shipment destination for Chinese steel in 2023 was Italy, which increased intake versus 2022 to 1.69mt. Belgium came next despite intake declining 14% to 651,619t, while Spain was third with 296,518t, up 4%. Notably, Poland increased intake of Chinese steel by 88% last year to 237,350t.

Adam Smith Poland