EU investigation on Chinese HDG imminent sources say


The investigation by the European Commission on imports of Chinese HDG in Europe could be launched a soon as in the next couple of weeks, according to sources contacted by Kallanish.

As previously reported, Eurofer has been monitoring for over a year the imports of this product in the continent, with China and South Korea being the main players in the import market.

A source close to the matter noted that the official investigation could be launched ahead of 11 December. This is the final date for Europe to respond on the request by China to be granted market economy status, which could change significantly the process for launching new anti-dumping investigations.

A number of traders note that Chinese HDG importers have been very cautious during recent months as their offer prices remain in line with domestic European offers. One importer said that his company was doing “… moderate business,” adding that if the investigation is begun before the end of the year imports are likely to stop completely in Q1 2017 to avoid retroactive duties.