EU starts Chinese, Russian CRC anti-dumping duty review

The European Commission says it has started an expiry review on existing anti-dumping duties on Chinese and Russian cold rolled coil.

The review, requested by Eurofer, will determine whether to extend the duties beyond their natural ending. The provisional measures were put in place in February 2016, with definitive duties confirmed in August 2016.

Russian suppliers are subject to a duty of 18.7-26.2% depending on the mill, and Chinese suppliers to a duty of 13.7-16% depending on the mill.

“The applicant alleges the likelihood of continuation or recurrence of injury. In this respect the applicant has provided sufficient evidence that, should measures be allowed to lapse, the current import level of the product under review from the countries concerned to the Union is likely to increase due to the existence of unused capacity of the manufacturing facilities of the exporting producers in the countries concerned and due to the attractiveness of the European Union market in terms of size and in terms of geographical proximity (the latter with regard to Russia),” the Commission notice explains.

A final decision on the expiry review will be taken by August 2022; in the meantime, existing measures will remain in place, Kallanish notes.

Emanuele Norsa Italy