EU starts Chinese wire rod anti-dumping duty review

Wire rods in the storage yard

The European Commission has started an expiry review to determine whether to extend existing anti-dumping duties on Chinese wire rod imports.

The duties were first imposed in 2009 and then extended in 2015 for five years. Now the commission will review the market again to decide whether to confirm the measure for a further period of five years. A final decision will be taken by October 2021. During the revision process existing measures will remain in place, Kallanish notes.

“The applicant (Eurofer) alleges the likelihood of recurrence of injury caused by imports from China. In this respect the applicant has provided sufficient evidence that, should measures be allowed to lapse, the current import level of the product under review from the country concerned to the Union is likely to increase,” the Commission says.

“This is due to the existence of unused capacity and the potential of the manufacturing facilities of the exporting producers in China; the attractiveness of the Union market; and trade defence measures against imports of the product under review in force or in the process of being enforced in traditional markets other than the EU (inter alia the USA, Indonesia, India, Mexico, Australia),” the Commission adds.

Any recurrence of substantial imports at dumped prices from the country concerned – likely if measures lapse – would likely lead to a recurrence of injury to EU industry, the petitioner claims.