EU starts stainless HR sheet anti-dumping investigation

The European Commission has initiated an anti-dumping investigation into stainless hot rolled sheet from China, Taiwan and Indonesia, Kallanish learns from a statement.

The investigation follows a complaint by Eurofer lodged at the end of June. “The complainant has provided evidence that imports of the product under investigation from the countries concerned have increased overall in absolute terms and have increased in terms of market share,” the Commission statement explains.

In recent months Eurofer also openly asked the European Commission to include Indonesian stainless steel in the safeguard measures, a request opposed fiercely by major Italian processor Marcegaglia. A decision in favour of AD duties on stainless HRC sheets could well be enough to stop the trade with Europe even if the country is not included in safeguard measures.

The European Commission also adds that in the Eurofer request there is evidence that raw material input costs in China and Indonesia are distorted due, for example, to export restrictions on nickel and chromium in the countries.

The products under investigation fall under HS codes 721911, 721912, 721913, 721914, 721922, 721923, 721924, 722011 and 722012. Products, not in coils, of a width of 600mm or more and of a thickness exceeding 10mm are excluded from the investigation.