EU terminates anti-subsidy investigation into Turkish HRC

The European Commission has terminated its investigation into anti-subsidy duties on hot rolled coil imports from Turkey, according to documents sent to interested parties and seen by Kallanish.

The investigation was opened in June 2020, but during the procedure the Commission found no evidence of the need to impose duties.

In February the Commission announced that provisional measures related to this investigation would be skipped, and on 24 March European steelmakers’ association Eurofer withdrew its complaint on which the investigation was initially based.

“The investigation had not brought to light any considerations showing that a continuation of the case would be in the Union interest,” the Directorate General for Trade of the European Commission explains in a note.

While anti-subsidy measures are now ruled out, the market is still waiting for a decision on definitive measures in the anti-dumping case against Turkish-origin HRC imports. In January the Commission imposed provisional measures of 4.8-7.6%.

Emanuele Norsa Italy , Burcak Alpman Turkey