EU to announce definitive Turkish/Russian galv anti-dumping duties

The European Commission has concluded its anti-dumping investigation into imports of corrosion-resistant steel from Turkey and Russia and is ready to announce definitive duties, according to a document seen by Kallanish.

Earlier this year, the Commission chose not to impose provisional measures on these products. Now, definitive duties are expected to be announced amounting to 2.4-11% on Turkish material and 10.3-37.4% on Russian-origin imports, depending on the mill.

Turkey’s Tatmetal should receive the lowest level of duties (2.4%), while other Turkish producers will see duties imposed at a rate of 8-11%. Turkish-origin imports into the EU of the products under investigation increased dramatically since 2017, jumping from less than 90,000 tonnes in 2017 to more than 500,000t in 2019.

Regarding Russian imports, NLMK is set to be hit with a 10.3% definitive duty, while all other suppliers will face a 31.3-37.4% duty depending on the mill. The duties on Russian material are to be considered nominal as all imports of finished steel from the country were banned by the European Commission in March, in response to the ongoing war in Ukraine.

The Commission launched the anti-dumping probe last June after a complaint lodged by Eurofer. Products under consideration fall under HS codes 7210 41 00, 7210 49 00, 7210 61 00, 7210 69 00, 7210 90 80, 7212 30 00, 7212 50 61, 7212 50 69, 7212 50 90, 7225 92 00, 7225 99 00, 7226 99 30 and 7226 99 70.

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