EUROMETAL at Catalonia steel distribution forum 2023

Fernando Espada, president of EUROMETAL, and Roberto González, chairman of EUROMETAL Coordination Work Group of National Federations, participated in the XIX Forum de la distribució de productes siderúrgics, organized by the Unió de Magatzemistes de Ferros de Catalunya i Balears on October 4, 2023.

This initiative was born in 2005 with the aim of creating an open dialogue and enrichment space for the metallurgical sector.

The president of EUROMETAL participated on the panel “Presentació” accompanied by Roberto González (UAHE), Manuel Fernandes Nobre (Açomefer) and Josep Arimany Palau (Unió de Magatzemistes de Ferros de Catalunya i Balears).

EUROMETAL also contributed in this online forum as a collaborator.