EUROMETAL at Steel Plate Conference Europe by Metal Expert


EUROMETAL participated last March 11 in the 2nd Steel Plate Conference Europe, convened in Düsseldorf by Metal Expert.

One of the speakers of the conference was Georges Kirps, Director General EUROMETAL, with a presentation on the Systemic Role of Steel Distribution in EU Plate Supply.

World plate market is estimated to about 130 million tons.

Theoretical world plate capacity is about 210 million tons, meaning a capacity utilization rate of about 60%.

World plate market is estimated to increase to 185 million tons in 2024.

EU plate market accessible to steel distribution is presently 9.6 million tons.

European plate market is estimated to grow between 2014 and 2024 by a CAGR of +1,7 %.

Long term growth forecasts of European plate using sectors:
– Construction: + 0,5 %
– Line Pipe: 0,0 %
– Shipyards + 1,1 %
– Wind Energy Onshore: + 5,0 %
– Wind Energy Offshore: + 8,0 %
– Mechanical Engineering: + 3,0 %
– Oil & Gas Short term: ?
– Oil & Gas Long term: positive

In Europe, capacity utilization is running at 53%.

In 2015 and for the first time since long, Europe has become a net importer of plates.

Here are the two key charts of the EUROMETAL presentation:

slide2 slide1