EUROMETAL met Nordic distributors in Copenhagen

EUROMETAL organized together with the Danish federation Stålforeningen a EUROMETAL Regional Meeting Nordics.

This event aimed at the Scandinavian steel distribution market brought together 77 participants in Copenhagen.

The 2023 edition was marked by the joint organization with Ståltrends, the annual Stålforeningen event.

Stockholding distributors, Service Centers and Traders were able to participate in 2 days of the conference, one focused on the Danish market and the other on the Nordic and global market.

Topics such as the future of steel, premium and zero-emission variants, their acceptance among customers, the role of digital in distribution and the impact of CBAM on European steel distribution were covered.

The event concluded with a panel discussion where Nordic producers and distributors could share their views on the challenges of Nordic Steel Distribution for 2024 and beyond.

This event gave rise to several articles in the specialized press: