EUROMETAL participated in a visit to the Liège tramway terminal

Last Tuesday, June 14th, Infosteel organized a visit to the Liège tramway terminal in Bresseux.

The City of Liège will have a tram serving 23 stations. On the Bressoux site, at one end of the route, are located the maintenance center, the washing station, the tram storage center and a P+R car park.

The 4.200 m2 maintenance center is a metal structure of approximately 300 t made up of gantries supporting runways and maintenance walkways.
The 3.900 m2 storage center is 234 m long for approximately 150 t and consists of metal beams resting on one side on a metal column and on the other against a concrete building of the P+R car park.
The washing station is made up of concrete walls raised by steel columns and beams supporting the roof sheets and the glazed frames. Railings and steel walkways complete the set.
In addition to the economic and aesthetic nature of the material, the choice of a steel structure was logical due to the ease and speed of implementation.

In this event, participants were welcomed at the Public Transport Museum of Wallonia, where they attended presentations made by InfoZinc (Mr. Bruno Dursin), TEC/Tram of Liège (Mr. Daniel Wathelet), Architecture office Greisch – BAG (MR. Pierre-François Geenen), Lemaire design office (Mr. Hugues Wilkin) and Ateliers Mersch (Mr. Thierry Mersch).

Active in Belgium and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, Infosteel focuses on promoting the qualitative use of steel in construction.
During these site visits Infosteel tries to bring together and connect people from all steel sectors: the steel industry, construction companies, design and architecture offices, surface treatment manufacturers, traders, software companies etc.