EUROMETAL President at Made in Steel 2023

Fernando Espada, President of EUROMETAL, participated in the session “The Europe of new markets” at the Made in Steel conference, Tuesday the 9th of May 2023.

Barbara Beltrame (Confindustria), Gianpietro Benedetti (Gruppo Danieli), Mario Arvedi Caldonazzo (Eurofer and Arvedi), Augusto Cosulich (Fratelli Cosulich) and Fernando Espada (EUROMETAL), interviewed by Stefano Ferrari (Head of siderweb Research Office), debated on the future of the steel sector in Italy and the EU, a future that will be shaped by the green revolution, Next Generations EU investments and the political and economic choices that will be made in these complicated years. 

Assofermet’s president, Riccardo Benso and Paolo Sangoi, Assofermet’s president of steel products were also part of the speakers at the event.

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