EUROMETAL Regional Meeting Nordics: get ready for the steel industry’s challenges in 2024

Stålforeningen and EUROMETAL have joined forces around the biggest Danish congress for the steel trade in 2023, with twice as many speakers, a two-day program and a networking dinner. 

For the 15th time, Stålforeningen brings together the Danish steel trade, and to celebrate we have teamed up to organize 2 exciting days with high professional content about the steel market in Denmark, in the Nordics and in Europe, in the heart of Copenhagen.

We bring together everyone, from steelworks to steel-consuming companies, with an interest in market assessments, expectations about needs, demand and price developments. You gain insight into which factors are expected to affect steel’s path to Denmark, the Nordics and Europe the most, so you can make your own decisions about how you want to react if or when the factors occur. We look at new well-documented customer requirements as a result of e-commerce and how it affects the wholesaler’s role. You will hear the latest status on political regulation via CBAM, ETS, anti-dumping and Safeguards.

You will learn more about the upcoming harmonized standards for steel and aluminum constructions, and when and how it affects your everyday life.And of course you get the latest status on the Danish economy, because it doesn’t help much to have the products ready if customers only think about rising interest rates.

The points are some of the topics that we try to illuminate via presentations at a high professional level from the best presenters.

Attend both days, or just the one that is most relevant to you, and be better equipped to understand expectations for the steel market in 2024.

In addition, you have the opportunity of the unique professional network with the rest of the industry from Denmark, the Nordics and the rest of Europe.