European Commission skips preliminary Russia, Turkish galv duties

The European Commission will not impose provisional anti-dumping measures on imports of Turkish and Russian hot-dip galvanised and other corrosion-resistant steel, it says in a circular to all interested parties.

The Commission launched the probe last June after a complaint lodged by Eurofer. Products under consideration fall under HS codes 7210 41 00, 7210 49 00, 7210 61 00, 7210 69 00, 7210 90 80, 7212 30 00, 7212 50 61, 7212 50 69, 7212 50 90, 7225 92 00, 7225 99 00, 7226 99 30 and 7226 99 70.

The Commission is continuing the investigation and asking interested parties to submit comments or questions by 10 February. Provisional duties were expected to be announced by mid-January but consultations with suppliers in Turkey are ongoing, Kallanish notes.

Turkey-based sources inform that Commission representatives are currently holding consultations with one of the country’s largest HDG producers. “We knew the decision is not likely to be made imminently, as we see the consultations are ongoing,” one source says. Russian supplier Severstal also tells Kallanish it has submitted all the necessary paperwork and is awaiting the decision.

The decision on definitive anti-dumping duties is expected in late spring, with implementation expected sometime in late summer. Some of the parties involved tell Kallanish they expect the duties to range from 12-20%.

Katya Ourakova UK