Fast EU quota fulfilment slashes Turkey’s pipe exports

Turkish welded pipe exports fell -26.2% on-year to 134,799 tonnes in October, according to Turkish Statistical Institute (TUIK) data monitored by Kallanish. This was also down from 219,788t in September, mainly due to the absence of European shipments which were completed in September.

The average value of October exports dropped to $684/tonne from $722/t in October 2019. It was, however, up from $630/t in September 2020.

The most-exported product was rectangular hollow sections whose shipments decreased -31.3% on-year to 56,787t. Iraq was the largest destination with 23,331t of intake, up 36.3% on-year. Romania, a major destination, took in only 5,082t in October versus 14,937t last year due to EU safeguard quotas being filled much faster by Turkish exporters this year. Georgia sourced 4,048t, down -2.8% on-year, and Israel took 3,544t in October, up 4.6% on-year.

Last year’s largest buyers, the UK with 9,749t and Belgium with 7,793t, sourced only 387t and 1,241t respectively in October, again due to the rapid fulfilment of quotas.

Exports of welded tube under 406.4mm diameter also declined -13.3% on-year to 47,374t in October. Romania was the largest destination with 5,934t, down -7.9%. However, Iraq followed with 5,644t, up 72%, and the US sourced 5,204t, up 61.8%.

Italy took 3,080t, up 23.4%, but Germany sourced 2,414t, down -9.4% on-year. Poland sourced 1,924t in October versus 2,652t last year. Canada’s intake fell significantly to 1,848t in October from 4,565t last year. Israel sourced 1,840t, down -11.1%. Spain took 1,819t in October versus only 198t last year.

In January-October Turkish welded pipe exports increased 0.4% on-year to 1,448,048t. Rectangular hollow sections had the largest share in welded pipe exports with 658,375t.