Federacciai demands prime minister meeting to tackle energy

Federacciai has asked Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi for an urgent meeting to address the issue of rising electricity and gas costs that are strongly impacting steel producers, the national steelmakers’ association confirms.

“The situation of our sector today is very critical, so much so that several companies are at risk of closure,” association president Alessandro Banzato says in a document sent to Kallanish. “If we do not intervene immediately to try to mitigate an energy cost that is now unsustainable, not only for families but also and above all for companies, the great risk is that many will stop producing and that we will not be able to achieve the recovery … It is therefore urgent that Draghi opens a discussion table to find effective and suitable solutions in the shortest possible time to solve or at least contain this problem.”

Italian steel trade association Assofermet previously asked the government to come up with urgent measures to combat the skyrocketing increases in costs of electricity and gas (see Kallanish passim). In a letter to authorities, it said there is an evident need to conceive structural measures to allow companies to plan for the future on a solid basis.

Natalia Capra France