Federcciai welcomes new stainless anti-dumping investigation

Italian producers’ association Federacciai has welcomed the start of further anti-dumping proceedings into imports of stainless cold rolled products from India and Indonesia.

In a note sent to Kallanish, it urges the EU to fight unfair commercial practice by foreign producers. This comes after Italian steel trade association Assofermet expressed concern regarding the proceedings and said that new duties would lead to substantial market distortion (see Kallanish 15 October).

“The European market is a free market where local players already operate in a highly competitive context while having to face environmental and energy efficiency restrictions that do not exist in other parts of the world; for this reason this market has to be protected from the imports of those companies that operate in foreign countries without the respect of the same rules,” says Federacciai president Alessandro Banzato.

India and Indonesia were responsible for 20% of imports of stainless re-rolled flat products into the EU and 15% of Italian imports in 2019. Should the investigation lead to the imposition of duties, the market would remain competitive and open to imports from other countries. Last year, the above material was also imported from Taiwan, South Korea, South Africa, Vietnam, Malaysia, Turkey and other countries, Federacciai concludes.