Fernando Espada will speak at the Steel, Metals and Mining Week

MMSteelClub is an executive club for leaders and key decision makers within the international steel and metals industry. The concept behind MMSteelClub is to connect steel and metals industry professionals around the world and provide a platform to exchange ideas through exceptional interactive events; varying from gala dinners, golf tournaments, social gatherings, discussions and conferences. 

In 2020, MMSteelClub is hosting one of our largest events to date!

Steel, Metals and Mining Week 2020

Steel, Metals and Mining Week 2020 will have more than 4.000 attendees.

Over 5 days, more than 100 presenters will animate about 31 sessions between Steel & the Raw material, Non-Ferrous & Base Metals and Mining & Precious Metals.

Featured Speakers for the UK & Europe session include Fernando Espada, President EUROMETAL and Alessandro Sciamarelli, Director Market Analysis & Economic Studies EUROFER. They’ll present the latest developments in European steel policy.