French, Benelux scrap prices hike

French and Benelux scrap prices are increasing compared to February by some €20-30/tonne ($21-31), depending on each mill and their needs. This is on the back of strong demand and increasing Turkish import prices.

The price surges are in line with other countries, like Italy, Spain and the Eastern European region, where values are surging by approximately €20-25/t on average. This is having the effect to level up prices in Europe and thinning the gap between countries for most grades. E8 new arisings mixed grade is now at around €400/t delivered in most EU markets, Kallanish observes.

French and Benelux shredded and chiselled E40 and E1 continue to be in short supply and in demand, unlike E8. Higher volumes are being bought in Belgium and Luxembourg to satisfy March production needs. This month, French and Benelux domestic shredded E40 is reaching the level of €415-420/t delivered, while E8 is sold at €395-400/t, E1 is hovering at €375-380/t, and E3 is at €395-405/t delivered, sources suggest.

Natalia Capra France