French rebar flattens in quiet market

French rebar prices are flat compared to the end of last month after values decreased in March by some €10/tonne ($10.8) on average. Sources in the market are reporting quiet activity and back-to-back sales, with no change from previous weeks, Kallanish hears.

The first ten days of March were “acceptable” in terms of domestic sales, distributors say. However, since mid-March, consumption has fallen again and sales are low. Construction firms continue to buy only small tonnages each week and report limited visibility. Continued uncertainty and quiet activity, particularly last week after Easter, are impacting turnover throughout the value chain.

French rebar values are hovering at €620/t delivered on average, sources suggest.

The domestic construction sector is officially going through a recession, as confirmed recently by national construction federation Fédération Française du Bâtiment (FFB). New construction fell by 23% year-on-year over the three months ending January 2024.

Activity in some sectors of the industry fell more steeply, such as construction of individual houses which declined by as much as 41% between January 2023 and January 2024. The crisis involves all building segments including non-residential (see Kallanish 20 March).

Natalia Capra France