French rebar market remains uneventful

The French rebar market continues to be weak this month, no different to other European markets. Mills and distributors are reporting low order books and low visibility, Kallanish hears from market participants.

Prices remain stable compared to the beginning of the month, with one distributor reporting a slight decline, while large buyers are on the fence despite stocks being low throughout the country. “All clients are afraid to stock material and they continue to buy one truckload each week. August was a very slow month and our results for September are still unclear. We put together out turnover each day with no visibility,” a distributor comments.

Some orders continue to come from infrastructure projects but no general improvement is seen in the coming weeks. The market is forecast to remain slow and uneventful, with sporadic better days and a general frustrating quiet. Rebar prices are mostly stable at €580-600/tonne ($620-642) delivered, sources suggest.

Natalia Capra France