French steel output falls in July

French crude steel production decreased year-on-year in July. This follows a decline over January-May with the exception of a hike in March, but an increase in June, Kallanish learns from data released by the Federation Française de l’Acier (FFA).

Output fell by -1.9% to 1,313,000 tonnes last month, down from 1,339,000t in July 2018. Over the first seven months of the year, output also fell by -3.5% on-year to 1,285,000 tonnes/month. This was down from 1,331,000 t/month over January-July 2018.

In 2018 average crude steel production fell by -0.8% to 1,282,000 t/month, down from 1,292,000 t/month in the same period of 2017, FFA says.