German bender Klocke & Lingemann expands

Rebar distribution and bending house Klocke & Lingemann Stahlhandel has moved to a bigger location in Stadthagen in Germany’s Westphalia region.

The house is part of the larger Klocke & Lingemann group, which operates stores for hardware and sanitary equipment at three sites. It was previously located in the centre of Stadthagen, and was now moved to the outskirts.

“We are now located along a busy road with commercial traffic, and in the first weeks have registered a massive increase of business, which we expect to continue,” manager Lars Struckmeier tells Kallanish. With more than 2,000 tonnes of storage capacity, the house is now more than twice the size of its former location. It expanded staff from 10 to 16.

Construction work began in May 2021, and one year later was completed to the point that most operations could be moved over. There were interruptions in the construction, and the effect of the enormous surge of material costs prevented the completion in December, as planned originally. The company invested over €3 million ($3m) in the construction and the relocation.

Further expansion could be possible. The house handles around 2,700 tonnes of straight and coiled rebar and wire mesh per year.

Christian Koehl Germany