German car production falls in 2019, early 2020

Production of cars in Germany and vehicle exports both fell due to weaker global demand in 2019, according to national carmakers’ federation VDA.  

The total number of passenger cars produced in 2019 came to almost 4.7 million units, or a fall of -9%, Kallanish hears from VDA. Exports fell even more notably, by -14% to nearly 3.5 million passenger car units. As expected, the moderate performance has continued into 2020.  with an output figure of 341,600 units, the number of cars produced in January was -8% down on January 2019. So was the export figure, which dropped by -11% to 255,600 units.

VDA also says that German carmakers are expanding activities in the US, where they have boosted their local production. During the first eleven months of 2019, the German OEMs increased their production in the USA by 4% to 720,000 light vehicles, while total US production slumped by -4% in that period.