German car production keeps rising

Output of passenger cars from German assembly lines in February saw the tenth month-on-month increase in a row, Kallanish hears from national carmakers federation VDA.

In comparison with one year ago, February’s production of 382,600 units means an increase of 24%. Taking January and February together, the output of 708,300 units was 26% higher than in the first two months of 2022.

VDA attributes the upward trend largely to the recovery of the supply chain, meaning bottlenecks of some materials and components have been resolved. Still, it points out that production is still well below the levels seen before Covid-19. Two-month production, for example, lags behind that of 2019 by 13%, VDA notes.

Exports of cars made in Germany show the same trend as production: at 278,000 units, delivery of passenger cars to foreign shores in February was 24% above February 2022.

Christian Koehl Germany