German coil transports face huge impairments

Transports of coil in western Germany are more-so-than-usual exposed to high prices, shortage of truck capacities, and blocked roads.

For one thing, this concerns delivery of imported material from Antwerp, by ship as well as by truck. A Ruhr-based buyer says he nowadays pays €20,000 ($22,660) for a typical inland ship load that not so long ago cost only €6,000. Road trucks are not the alternative they used to be, due to the shortage of drivers and capacities being seen in most European countries at present, he tells Kallanish.

Another issue, especially for border-crossing traffic, is the limitation to a maximum coil load of 24 tonnes. “Now, our coils normally weigh 26 tonnes,” he says. “For that, you need an extra permit, and not enough haulage companies in the Benelux have it.”

Another issue arose three weeks ago in southeastern North Rhine Westphalia when a bridge on the so-called “Sauerland” A45 motorway was blocked due to damage. “I have many customers in the Sauerland, but when I ask for four trucks now, the transport company will give me two and hold two back,” he says.

“A coil transport by truck from the Ruhr to the Sauerland costs about €100, and haulers have little interest in having their trucks spending time in endless traffic jams,” he said on Friday. “Only this morning I myself spent four hours on the way for a customer talk of 45 minutes.”

Christian Koehl Germany