German profile maker expands production

Gebhardt Stahl, a maker of cold-rolled profiles used mainly in construction applications, is expanding its production site in Soest, Germany.

The company has rented 9,000m² from the premises of local company Kettler Freizeit, which has gone out of business. The move will enlarge Gebhardt’s production area to 26,000m². It has already acquired a new profiling machine to commence production in September. A second one will follow, to increase production gradually over time, Kallanish hears from the company.

It plans to mainly make specialised profiles to strengthen its position as a supplier for niche products, often bespoke elements used in architecture and interior design. It claims to be the European market leader in reinforcement profiles for plastic window frames and in air conditioning systems. The company says it has barely been impacted by the coronavirus pandemic and has continued working normally.

Gebhardt Stahl achieves an annual revenue of about €130 million ($146m) with a staff of 180. It operates two sites in Germany and one in Poland, and supplies to 55 countries, including Australia and New Zealand, it says. Last year, Dutch equity investor firm Bencis Capital Partners became a partner in Gebhardt.