German rebar group Lotter adds bender

Lotter, one of Germany’s large distributors of rebar, sanitary equipment, and ironware, has extended its range of sites in a joint venture with local distributor and bender C. A. Weber Eisenhandel.

Effective 1 January, the latter will figure as Weber Stahlhandel, owned equally by Lotter group and the former owners of C. A. Weber. Located in Bad Kreuznach, Weber will retain its management, with Kai Lehmann as managing director, Kallanish learns from an announcement. The house employs a staff of 75 and buys some 15,000 tonnes of rebar per year. Weber is currently building a new 8,000 square-metre warehouse and production hall in nearby Rüdesheim.

For Lotter’s rebar activities, this will be the ninth site in the group, and marks a regional move, as Weber’s location in Rhineland-Palatinate is more north than Lotter’s other houses in southern Germany. The larger Lotter group, including sanitary and building equipment and miscellaneous ironware, achieves an annual revenue of €900 million ($949m) with some 2,000 employees. Its joint venture with Weber covers only the latter’s rebar activities.

Christian Koehl Germany