German start-up provides steel supply chain certification

Newly-founded German company ETIV System (Electronic Trusted Information and Verification) is offering a digital tracking system for steel products. This facilitates better transparency of their origin along the supply chain.

The Cologne-based firm’s digital certificate covers data that were so far not easily accessible from the supply chain, which helps optimise production and stockholding, the firm says in a note seen by Kallanish.

Among other things, the certification improves protection against product piracy, so that manipulation of test certificates is no longer possible. The authenticity of test certificates can be checked at any time, which increases the counterfeit protection of the products, ETIV claims.

The system works by setting measuring marks at any stage of production, and making the data accessible on a web platform. The information works like a “digital sensor” that records the status and location of a product in real time, the company explains.

ETIV, furthermore, offers an online shop for leftover materials from mill inventories, for example special sizes and cuts that need to find a matching buyer.