German steel federation starts scrap export statistics

With a new statistical report, German steel federation Wirtschaftsvereinigung (WV) Stahl intends to provide steel scrap foreign trade data.

The report will be published in the fourth quarter of each year and includes key figures on trade flows in steel scrap, among other things, Kallanish learns from WV Stahl.

Against the background of global efforts to achieve climate neutrality and CO2 reduction, questions about the availability of steel scrap are increasingly coming into focus, the federation says explaining its rationale. “For example, it is becoming increasingly apparent that material is flowing out of the EU to third countries. While net exports were still at 3.9 million tonnes in 2015, this figure rose to 13.4 million tonnes in 2020,” it says in a statement.

The statistics will therefore be a tool to survey the market, helping local mills in their interest of retaining scrap in Germany, or in the EU. This and further information can be found in the publication “Steel scrap foreign trade: Statistical report 2021”, which can be downloaded free of charge at

Christian Koehl Germany