German stockholder Köstner completes expansion in Franconia

German steel stockholding group Köstner has completed the expansion of its site in Diespeck, in the Franconia region of the state of Bavaria. Together with machinery and technology, the family business has invested around €3.8 million ($4.2m) in the project, Kallanish learns.

The site now has two new buildings with lengths of 84 and 78 metres respectively and a width of 25 metres each, with a volume of some 40,000 cubic metres.  The site’s rebar bending operation with four crane systems has moved into this extension. One magnetic crane for transport of rebar was brought over from the group’s Plauen location. The separation of incoming and outgoing goods has significantly improved internal logistics, the group notes. There is now enough space for the simultaneous loading of three trucks instead of only one.

Köstner is a full-range distributor with 400 employees at eleven sites, most of them in Franconia around Nuremberg. Its headquarters are in Neustadt an der Aisch. Last year, it invested at its Plauen site in a new administrative building, and in an additional crane for handling sheet.