German transport company opens new southern hub

Hergarten, a truck transport company specialising in steel logistics, has started operating a new site in Neuhausen in the Stuttgart area, Kallanish learns.

The new site is a relay station for mass products delivered from its headquarters in Düsseldorf to customers in the Stuttgart area. “Currently, we make 20% of our revenue with processing services, which are used by an increasing number of customers,” says managing director Marcel Hergarten.

“That’s why we want to have a point of trans-shipment for a clear separation of products that are distributed locally from those that are processed further,” he adds. That way, processes are smoother and more volume can be handled, he explains.

The Neuhausen site has three halls with 2,600 square metres of working and storage space. The site has two mobile magnetic cranes and employs a staff of ten people. The site in nearby Kornwestheim is projected to become a processing-only house for steel distributors. More than two thirds of the 3,300 m² there are already taken by sawing equipment, the company says. New customer-specific saws will be installed and the dispatch area will be widened in the second half of 2019.